1-Star Orange Elite Ball - 3 Pack

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The Elite 1-Star table tennis ball for advanced recreational games. 3 orange balls in a box. By the way, Schildkroet's table tennis ball production goes back a long way. The so-called blow-press method was developed by Schildkroet in Mannheim as early as 1896, and the balls are still made today. No other brand is as connected to the table tennis ball as Schildkroet. Donic enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide in the table tennis competition segment and is the supplier of numerous well-known top players.

For advanced recreational games
3 orange balls in a box
No other brand is as connected to the table tennis ball as Schildkroet

Product Details
Brand: Donic-Schildkroet
Colour: Yellow & Green
Box Dimensions: 16.5cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 4cm (H)
Material: ABS Plastic
Weight: 90g box weight

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