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The Compact badminton set is the innovative complete badminton set for 2 players consisting of 2 rackets in good recreational quality, stainless steel, soldered T-piece, 2 shuttlecocks, innovative net (2.95x1.55m) with robust plastic Telescopic post, all packed in a practical plastic case that also serves as a net stand (can be filled with sand or stones for more stability). Quick and easy to assemble, no need for anchoring in the ground, so it can also be set up on hard ground. The main attraction of this new set is the net set. Who does not know these very simple nets that usually come with the rackets? Thin net, shaky metal posts and everything has to be secured with small tent pegs. The robust, thick plastic posts of this net are placed in a V-shape in the plastic carrying case. This case can be placed anywhere without being fixed to the floor. Ideally, it should be filled with stones or sand to weigh it down. The net can be set up anywhere, i.e. on hard surfaces such as a playground, driveway or even in the gym or other hall. The included rackets and balls are of a solid basic quality and make the set "round".

Product Details
Brand: Schildkroet
Material: Case: PP, PS; racquets: steel, wood; Mesh: polyester, PE

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