Neoprene Diving Rings - 3 Pack

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Teaching children to become better swimmers needs to be safe and fun. The bright colours allow the rings to be seen clearly in the water.The 3 neoprene diving rings are 3/4 filled with sand. Thanks to an additional foam insert, the rings stand upright under water and are therefore easy for children to dive in and grab. The soft & non-slip neoprene material is comfortable to grip. Children have a quick diving experience and a lot of fun. Due to the "soft" construction, it does not hurt when the ring falls on your feet - it is different with hard plastic diving rings! The set is also an ideal gift for a child's birthday! Great playing and diving fun in the water!

3 pack in different colours, Red, Green and Blue
ATTENTION! Use only in shallow water under adult supervision
Rinse the item with clear water after use and dry sufficiently.

Product Details
Brand: Schildkroet
Material: Polyester + Neoprene; Filling mat. Sand+PE

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