Neoprene Velcro Ball Set

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2 soft and grippy neoprene Velcro hand catchers (Ø 17cm), with width adjustable hand strap. The Velcro surface is firmly quilted with the neoprene and cannot tear out, as was often the case with the plastic catchers in the past! Included in the set is 1 Velcro ball (Ø 6.25 cm - spare balls are available in a pack of 2 with the article number 970049 from Schildkroet). The Velcro ball is thrown back and forth and caught with the Velcro catcher. The ball sticks to the catcher. The game is a lot of fun and trains the coordination eye-hand as well as the throwing technique. A lot of fun for young and old. As always with Schildkroet, the complete set is packed in a resealable mesh pocket, in which you can pack everything again after the game. So you will certainly find the ball again at the next game.

Adjustable hand strap
Trains eye-hand coordination
Packed in a resealable mesh bag

Product Details
Brand: Schildkroet
Material: Neoprene
Dimensions: Velcro hand catchers 17cm (DIA). Velcro ball 6.25cm (DIA).

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