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High Quality - This back brace include Thermal Copper Insulation (TCI) which plays an important part in the recovery process. TCI with added Sabona copper thread is woven into a special blend of fabrics.
Comfort and Quick Recovery - The copper in the TCI conducts natural body heat, and as the body warms the copper, it in turn retains the heat generated and stores it within the fabric, promoting a quicker recovery. The TCI will keep the injured area warm, speeding up the recovery process. As the wearer gains strength in the afflicted area, the belt can be gradually loosened.
Double Action Belt - The Sabona Back Support Garment is a double action belt - two belts in one. The first belt gives support and uses velcro to ensure the belt is a comfortable fit, whilst the second belt can be tightened, according to the wearers needs, to give extra support. The ribs woven into the back panel give additional support and strength to the back area, encouraging correct posture.
Different Sizes Available – Sabona’s lumbar support belt is available in the following sizes: S - 23-29”; M - 30-36”; L - 37-43”; XL - 44-50”.
Easy to Wear – Sabona’s back support brace is easy to wear due to its simple but effective design. You can wear it anytime as its mechanism will also correct posture.

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