Molten Hand AIr Pump With Stowable Needle

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The extremely handy & compact Molten ball pump, with needle included. Always ensure your sports ball has the right pressure for technically superior performance. For the inflation of all sports balls, including basketballs, footballs, netballs, volleyballs, handballs & dodgeballs.

Easy to tuck into your sports ball bag – ensure you always have inflation wherever you play!

The durable pump needle is cleverly stowable in the handle once unscrewed from the pump. Never lose another needle!

The pump casing is made of high-quality impact-resistant plastic for reliable inflation, time after time.

INFLATION: All Molten balls have the correct pressure printed around the value. Correct ball inflation is important to maintain a technically superior ball. Over-inflation will damage the ball. When inflating the ball with a pump it is critical the needle is lubricated before insertion. This helps to prevent damage to the valve and avoids unwanted air leakage. It also makes needle insertion easier!

Pump Length (handle inserted and needle stowed): 18.5cm

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