Neoprene American Football #6

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Neoprene American Football by Schildkroet in "normal" size 6, diameter 26.5 x 15 cm. Neoprene surface with good stitching. The balls are available in two trendy new designs. The popular Schildkroet neoprene balls impress with their textile and soft surface, which causes significantly less skin irritation compared to leather or artificial leather balls (e.g. when digging or playing barefoot football). The balls are also suitable for children due to their grip, which makes gripping and catching much easier. All neoprene balls are also suitable for playing in the water and are even saltwater resistant. Note: all Schildkroet neoprene balls come deflated. Please note: The item comes in two designs - unfortunately the design cannot be selected and is subject to availability. A pump is required to inflate, which is not included in the scope of delivery! Please inflate with a maximum of 0.2 bar. When inflating, please make sure that the needle on the pump does not damage the ball on the opposite side. Slightly moisten the needle before inserting it so that it slips into the valve more easily.

Neoprene balls with their textile and soft surface
Easy to grip
Water & saltwater resistant

Product Details
Brand: Schildkroet
Material: Neoprene
Dimensions: Size 6 - 15cm (L) x 26.5cm (DIA)

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