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The 6-piece neoprene diving set has been a bestseller among the diving articles available on the market for years. Why is that? The neoprene diving articles impress with the grip of the textile neoprene coating. The sand filling makes the parts soft and flexible. If a diving ring falls on your foot, it's not nearly as painful as with a classic hard plastic diving ring! The diving rings and diving sticks are only 3/4 filled with sand. There is also a foam insert that allows the diving items to stand on the bottom of the pool, for example. The tail stands at the diving ball. These vertical, non-slip neoprene items can be grabbed and swung up very quickly and easily, especially by smaller children. The kids have a sense of achievement much faster and enjoy diving. The trendy "bright" colour's are clearly visible in the water!

The set consisting of 2 diving sticks, 2 diving rings and 2 diving balls
Offers a nice, extensive selection and a great price/performance ratio
Rinse the item with clear water after use and dry sufficiently.
ATTENTION! Use only in shallow water under adult supervision

Product Details
Brand: Schildkroet
Material: Polyester + Neoprene; Filling material: sand + PE
Dimensions: Diving sticks (length 19cm, Ø2.5cm), Rings (Ø14cm) and Balls (Ball: Ø6cm, length of tail: approx. 20cm)

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