Neoprene Water Bouncers

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With the Schildkröt "Water Bouncers", instead of flat stones, silicone-filled neoprene cushions are thrown as flat as possible over the water, which then bounce on the surface several times. They won't submerge in the water and are great fun at the lake, in the sea or by the pool. The trendy colour's of the neoprene Ocean Collection are an absolute eye-catcher and the trendy design is aimed at a wide audience and brings lifestyle and at the same time a touch of holiday feeling to home areas. Due to the soft neoprene and the gel core, the risk of injury is very low, especially compared to stones. Inexpensive pack of 3, if one gets lost!

3 pack in different colours, Red, Green and Blue
ATTENTION! Use only in shallow water under adult supervision
Age recommendation: 8+

Product Details
Brand: Schildkroet
Material: polyester/neoprene; Core: silicone

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