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Yoga-Mad's Yoga Wedge can be used for both Yoga or Pilates poses and moves. Also known as a 'plank' they are a firm favourite with Iyengar teachers and students as they help to prevent hyper-extension in poses. They help prevent wrist pain in Down Dog, Up Dog, or Full Wheel as they raise the palms which takes the pressure off the wrists. Alternatively, use under your heels in Down Dog or when practising a wide squat if you suffer with tight calves. Made from EVA foam. Lightweight and will not damage flooring, Perfect to take to and from class or use at home.

Prevent hyper-extension in poses
Help prevent wrist pain
Takes pressure off wrists

Product Details
Brand: Yoga-Mad
Material: EVA Foam
Colour: Blue/Burgundy/Grey/Purple
Dimensions: 50cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 5cm (H)
Weight: 400g

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