Yonex As20 Feather Shuttles

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Yonex AS20 FEATHER shuttles are the ultimate choice for professional badminton players who demand the highest quality and performance.
These shuttles are made from premium goose feathers that are carefully selected and processed to ensure optimal flight stability, durability and consistency.
The cork base is also made from high-grade materials that provide a smooth and comfortable feel on impact.
Yonex AS20 FEATHER shuttles are approved by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for international tournaments and are widely used by top players around the world.
Whether you are playing for fun or for glory, you can trust Yonex AS20 FEATHER shuttles to deliver the best results on the court.
The shuttle also has been carefully crafted for excellent durability and strength this ensure that the shuttle lasts long and delivers more value for your money.
The shuttle has excellent shock absorption to withstand the shock received from the impact of high - speed rackets.

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