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Unlock the potential of your yoga practice with versatile yoga blocks. From supporting seated asanas to enhancing inversions, these blocks offer lift, cushioning, and head support. Suitable for all yoga styles including Iyengar and Restorative, they promote stability, alignment, and flexibility to your practice. Elevate your yoga sessions today and experience the transformative benefits of a yoga block.

Rely on the quality and durability of Yoga-Mad's yoga blocks. Manufactured from non-slip, high quality, scratch-resistant EVA foam, they ensure longevity and withstand frequent use. With chamfered edges for safety and damage prevention, these blocks provide long lasting performance ensuring countless rewarding yoga sessions. Trust Yoga-Mad for exceptional quality and providing you support throughout your yoga journey.

For maximum versatility, we recommend incorporating both full and half blocks into your yoga practice to accommodate different poses and levels of flexibility. Our half yoga blocks have the same length and width as a full block, but half the height. Ideal for when you need a smaller lift or support, half yoga blocks provide subtle elevation for adjustments in lower height poses.

Our full yoga blocks can be bought as a pair or in fours but are also conveniently sold individually, allowing you to select as many as you need to suit your yoga practice.

Versatile support: Elevate your yoga practice with yoga blocks that offer lift, cushioning, and head support.
High quality & durable: Crafted from high quality, scratch-resistant EVA foam with chamfered edges for longevity and safety.
Customisable options: Explore our half yoga blocks for smaller lift or support, allowing for modifications in lower height poses.

Product Details
Brand: Yoga-Mad
Material: EVA foam
Colour: Available in Blue / Burgundy / Grey / Lime Green / Purple
Dimensions: 30.5cm (L) x 20.5cm (W) x 5cm (H)
Weight: 250g (1 yoga block)
Care Instructions: To effectively clean and disinfect your yoga block, lightly spray it with a combination of lukewarm water and mild detergent. Towel dry the yoga block and repeat with clean water to eliminate any remaining soapy residue.

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