Neoprene Skittles

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The very popular neoprene skittle set from Schildkroet in a new design is a playful introduction to skittles. The light cones (21.5 x 8 cm) covered with non-slip neoprene have a sufficiently large base and stand well. The hollow plastic core is an ideal compromise in terms of weight. Too easy, the cones don't stay put, it's not too difficult for the kids! The set contains 6 cones in 3 different colors. Also included is a "ball" also made of plastic and coated in neoprene. All parts fit in the enclosed, resealable mesh bag. So everything stays together and you have all the parts to hand for the next game. All parts are saltwater resistant, so nothing stands in the way of playing on the sandy beach. the soft, light, waterproof cone set is the ideal companion for the playground, garden, living room, school, park, garden. Ideal for young and old.

Playful introduction to skittles
Saltwater resistant
Ideal companion for the playground, garden, living room

Product Details
Brand: Schildkroet
Material: Neoprene
Dimensions: 21.5cm (L) x 8cm (W)

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